Are you one of those that has, or been thinking about doing a ”DETOX/CLEANSE"?

Well, then you might want to read this first!

I’ve always thought all these cleanses and detoxes has been such a fad and just pure bullsh*t. It sounds so good in many ears though: ”Clean those toxins out of your body”. ”Take this 6-day cleanse and you will rejuvenate your soul, mind and body”. Or: ”You’ll lose up to 10 lbs with this magic cleanse”... No shit Sherlock?! Drinking just some juices everyday for 6 days, in other words: being in an extreme caloric deficit, will of course eventually lead to a weight loss! Will you stay there when you go back to your normal eating habits? Most probably NOT, instead you will regain those pounds. Instead focus on the long term, eat real nutritious food on a daily basis. Not some type of ”quick fix detox/cleanse” from time to time that you think will make wonders!

I’ve wanted to touch this subject for a long time and finally I came across a great article form the guys at where they explain that detoxes and cleanses are just a big SCAM.

Click here for the article!  

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