I met Nadia 2 1/2 years ago through a message on KIK. She  told me she had been following me on Instagram for some time and had been eating what I ate, and that I had inspired her to get in shape and that had lost 30lbs and wanted to thank me!😱 


She sent me this before/after picture ⬆️ 

We instantly became friends! We messaged each other all the time. When I moved to Chicago she visited me while she was traveling for her job. She had a high paying job working for a hotel chain. Several weeks ago and she told me she had quit her job and was going to backpack for a bit through Mexico! I was like WHAT😱? She said she was unhappy at her job, and that is was exhausting. She told me she wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to do, but she needed time to figure it out. I loved her courage for leaving her career! She told me I should visit her since she had free time now. I immediately bought a round trip ticket! 

Nadia lives with her boyfriend Marco💏 They used to be more active but have not been lately. So I told Nadia that we were going to workout together everyday while I am here! We have been doing plyometric, circuit training workouts. She also has a TRX that we have used. Although she's sore from our first workout she's been doing amazing!  

Today is a holiday in Mexico and her boyfriend has the day off. I wanted to surprise them with a healthy breakfast even though I didn't have much to work with.


I stuck with simple recipes that they could recreate.  

I made 2 ingredient cookies made with bananas and oatmeal. You just mash some bananas and add dry oatmeal, place the mixture on a surface with some oil on it and bake in a 350f oven for 12-15 minutes. Nadia didn't have a mixing bowl so I used a pot to mix my ingredients 😄 

i also made simple egg muffins thay consisted of 4 eggs, veggies, and cheese. Baked in a 375f oven until it was cooked through. Super simple recipes! 


Nadia didn't have a baking sheet so I just placed some aluminum foil on a one of the shelves from the oven ⬆️ #batchlorlife

i wanted to drizzle some chocolate on the cookies, but since they didn't have any I mixed some coconut oil with some sweetened chocolate powder. 




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