Here it is! My first lifestyle-ish blog post! I have a lot going through my head at all times and although I love creating recipes and sharing them on Instagram, I am SO much more then that. First let me start by saying: I am not perfect. I will have grammar issues on this blog. I also do not claim to know it all or be an expert in any field.  I am good at being me though:)  The reason I am starting this blog is because I have a lot going on in my life at all times… and to be honest, I am not one that likes sharing it in video format on my Instagram stories. I am, however, passionate about writing my feelings. I rather write about my emotions then talk about them. Also, I think its therapeutic for me to allow my thoughts into the universe this way.

So here is little peek into my life. Besides all the recipes i share on Instagram, i have 12 e-cookbooks that used to be able to sustain me. My sales are about 1/8 of what they were back in 2013, but i have heard the same with many people that have ebooks. I am totally ok with that! In fact i believe it has upped my hustle game as a Entrepreneur!

As you might know, I also started a project back in 2013 (Fit Nation) where i lived with families and teach them how to cook healthy recipes custom for their wants and needs. To date i have lived with 52 families all around the world ranging from low income to high profile, singles, to families of 8! I have also worked with well over 100 families and individuals around the US, taught private and group cooking classes, and group grocery shopping trips. This year i really wanted to take a step back from social media and focus on more tangible things…humans i can actually touch, rather then being just another instagramer/recipe developer. I want to be LA’s private go-to chef! I started my own family meal prep service recently… I get to know you and your family and create a menu thats tailored for your families needs. I also love connect more with local women. I want to be a source of encouragement. I saw a psychic when we were in Sweden for christmas and she said that i was going to be a public speaker/life coach! She said 44(I’m 37 now) will be the peak of my career!  I LOVE talking to and connecting with people just as much as i love cooking! I have received 1000s of very personal emails from women all over the world thanking me for sharing my journey through my Instagram. The funny thing is, as i have said on here, i am much better writing my feelings then actually talking about them. I guess i have been able to convey my life really well through social media, and i never thought it would have lead me in the direction it has… for that i am eternally grateful. I have gone through SO much shit in my life…but i am seriously thankful for it all.

This space is going to be my weekly journal. I am going to talk about what i am up to, who i am connecting with, and why i am doing what i am doing.  So lets get to it! Ok. Today is Friday February 17,2017…. already 6 weeks into this new year! Dang that was fast! Last week i did a tasting at Equinox(high end gym) in West Hollywood to get some possible clients. It was CRAZY! The complements i got made me feel like i was the best chef in LA! I had several people saying “this is the best thing i have ever ate”! I mean really?! People took about 60+ of my business cards… BUT i only got one email from the event! Oh well. I have 2 clients i am cooking for this week. 1 is Ben's(my husband) clients sister. She is having bunion surgery and prepping 4 dishes for her family to last her 3-5 days. Tomorrow morning I am meeting my other client who was concerned about her kids school lunches and wanted healthier options. I am looking forward to meeting them and seeing what they like and creating some recipes for them! Monday I got invited to a influencer dinner held by @feedfeed. I love getting invited to influencer events, but to be honest, its usually the same type of people… very superficial (i mean i do live in LA) and fluffy. BUT, their are the rare instances i actually am able to have a great conversation and connect with someone who doesn’t think they are all high and mighty! Then Tuesday i fly out to Sacramento and live with Patty and her daughter for 5 days. She reached out to me just a couple of weeks ago when they were both diagnosed with type 2 diabetes! My goal is to really familiarize them with the Ketogenic diet which has been shown to actually reverse the disease! As you might know i was on the diet for 3 months and have written a e book about it along with 40 Keto recipes. Along that line, I am about to start my study course to be a nutritional coach through Primal Kitchen!! I mean, I kinda have been doing it already for several years but i did not have any type of credentials. I am planning on taking the course and getting certified so i can team up with my husband and offer online coaching! He’s already a NASM certified trainer and is currently taking a nutrition class through Precision Nutrition and plans to get certified in the next month! So, I am really looking forward to working together with him again and helping people all over the world!

Ok guys! I promise to write on this blog weekly. My posts might be all over the place, but thats just who i am and how i think. I don’t care how many people actually read my blog, that is not the purpose. This is therapeutic for me.

Thank you for your continuous support!