Stop for a second and think of the last time you were yourself? I mean you, striped naked, exposing your real soul? We all have insecurities, but you should not let your insecurities define you. Find confidence in your imperfections. They make you a real human. Be you, uncategorized. The world makes us feel like we need to fit a certain category of literally everything. This is the sad truth. We tend to do, or not do things to fit these categories. We hold off on things we want to do because we feel the need for it to have a certain category. Well i am here to tell you it DOES NOT! If you have a dream, a passion or an idea, do not let society destroy it. The world needs more real souls. Unguarded, open, honest, and beautiful humans. Start of your day every morning breathing in your true self and exhaling all the bullshit that fucks with your mind. Be you unconditionally. Only allow people in your life you feel deserve your energy. The world needs more open hearts and open minds. Do not let a previous fucked up relationship ruin you. Let it go. Breath in NOW. We are only promised today. Remember that. In the end you will find your real friends. The ones who get you. The ones who love you for you. Keep those beautiful souls close and let the rest go. You do not need many friends, you only need real friends who you can be yourself around with no judgement. The world needs the real you. All sides and parts of you. Be unapologetically you.