Where fit and delicious food meet.

How it all started…

It all started with an Instagram account- Fitalicious_me, the account that Vevian created to post about her life. In January 2013 she did a post that would launch one of the best journeys of her life. In it, she wrote ”Let me help you jumpstart 2013. I will work out with you, cook with you, grocery shop with you and help you to reach your goals”. In less than 24 hours, she received more then 50 emails from individuals and families all over the world. "Fit Nation" became the name of this project. Over the next year and a half, Vevian visited and lived with 27 different individuals and families, with each project lasting up to 10 days. She kept a daily blog of every project on her Instagram page, where she shared the story of each of them. Their struggles and outcomes were all very different but she made sure to help them in the areas where they most needed it. Vevian is a food fanatic and created over 1000 recipes/creations that she has shared with her followers and launched 7 Cookbooks/E-Books, all encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Vevian and Benjamin

On April 1st Benjamin, a Swedish/Spanish Personal Trainer living in Miami at the time, decided to contact Vevian to ask her out. He had been following Vevian for a couple of months and had been touched by her openness, her personal stories and her amazing recipes. Vevian was immediately interested after receiving his email, but started to get suspicious and thought that this was “too good to be true”. She actually thought that Benjamin was an April fool’s joke! After a 48-hour marathon of emailing, texting and some phone calls, they finally met on April 3rd and spent the next four days together. They soon realized they had so many things in common aside from their love for nutrition and fitness. After his visit, Benjamin went back home to Miami and then decided to move to California a couple of weeks later. They wasted no time.  They got engaged at the end of April, and got married June 4th, 2014; a mere 2 months after they met. The shared their love story, so intense and passionate, as a 5-part story on Vevians Instagram page. They are all about taking chances, and wasting no time!

So what is Fitalicious Life?

We are just a crazy passionate couple that has an even crazier passion for helping other people! We have the same vision and goal with Fitalicious Life, and that is to help people from all walks of life to live a happier and healthier lifestyle! Our lease was coming to an end and we decided to move into a 2 bedroom apartment. The second room will be for our clients to live with us! We though, ”How incredible would that be?” This new project will become our LIFE; a culmination of everything that we stand for as individuals and as a couple! Our goal is to help individuals and families on a personal level working out with them, grocery shopping with them, and cooking with them. This is not a special program or a special diet for a week, month or year that we’re putting you on so you can lose the most amount of pounds possible. This is about working from the inside out! This is about making a decision, being determined and disciplined about creating an improved lifestyle! That’s why we’re here for you! We know we're not some chic celebrity trainers, nor a fancy wellness retreat, but our burning passion to help people far exceeds that!

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